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High frequency precision up to 10-6 orders of magnitude. 

Full range of 0.01μHz frequency resolution. 

Minimum amplitude resolution can be up to 1mV. 

Amplitude range is 0Vpp~20Vpp.

Duty cycle of each channel can be adjusted separately. Precision can be 0.1%.

Frequency Characteristic:

Sine wave: 0~40MHz

Square & Triangle Wave: 0~15MHz

Pulse & Arbitrary & TTL Digital Signal Wave: 0~6MHz

Square rise time: ≤15nS

Pulse width adjustment range: 30nS-4000S

With pulse trains burst output function, allow the unit output 1~1048575 arbitrary pulse trains.

Frequency accuracy: ±20ppm

Frequency stability: ±1ppm/3h

Waveform Characteristic:

Waveform: Sine, Square, Triangle, Pulse (duty-cycle correction,Pulse width and cycle time adjustable), Partial Sine, CMOS, DC level, Half-wave, Full-Wave, Pos-Ladder, Neg-Ladder, Noise, Exponential Rise, Exponential Fall, Tone, Sine Pulse, Lorentz Pulse, and 60 kinds user defined waveform

Phase characteristic:

Phase adjusting range: 0~359.9°

Phase resolution: 0.1°

TTL/COMS Output:

Low level: <0.3V

High level: 1V~10V

Level rise/fall time: ≤20ns

Package Included:

1 x DDS Signal Generator

1 x USB Cable

1 x Power Adapter

2 x Q9 Cable

1 x CD

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